About us

Bevel Realtors is established to be one of the leading providers of real estate services with the firm specializing in a variety of areas including acquisitions, agency, management and development. At the present time the firm’s portfolio includes apartment buildings, mixed use buildings and one to three family homes. As a full service real estate firm, we're driven by our client services and technology. Each client is unique and we cater to your specific needs. Privacy and confidentiality strictly enforced. Our business philosophy is based on high level of cooperation with partners & network. We want to be well known for our ability to form strategic partnership that take into consideration market conditions, while evaluating opportunities to conquer new investments avenues. Given the increasing demand for housing and the rapid urban developments in Lagos and Nigeria, we want to offer opportunity for local entrepreneurs and landowners to leverage our real estate experience and world-wide connection with the finance sector to develop large scale projects.


• To be an optimum business template for the real estate industry.
• Optimize relationships, service and profitability.


To be the pace-setter in real estate services by exceeding customer expectations.

Mission Statement

• Aggressively pursue business through innovation to provide exceptional customer service.
• Building life-time relationships with our customers and communities.

Core Values

Core Values We believe in:
• Conducting ourselves and our business in an honest, ethical, and trustworthy manner.
• Treating everyone with care, respect, and fairness.
• Providing excellent care stewardship.
• Growing through innovation and creativity.